Juraj Julije Klovic

In 1288 there was constituded the "Vinodolski zakonik" (Vinodol's law code), one of the oldest european law documents. In the 16 century one of the greatest painter of minuatures was born, Juraj Julije Klović, so-called "Michelangelo of the miniature", cause he was Michelangelo's student and the teacher of El Greca.

An interesting geographycal position of Vinodol "a step from the sea, two from the snow", is its special value. On the one side it strechs from the woods with a mountain climate (from Viševica in the north-east), and on the other side, down to the valley, until the sea (Vinodol's sea channel in the south-west) with a mediterran climate. Vinodol's valley strechs in the direction north-west (Križišće) - south-east (Novi Vinodolski, Ledenice). Already hundred years ago there were the papers in which you could see the starts of the organizided trips to Vinodol.

The lovers of mountain-climbing are having a big number of safe marked mountain roads that give a beautiful view on the whole Kvarner, the islands of the Krk and Cres, all until Zavižan on the Velebit in the east and Ucka in the west. The bike-roads are calling the bikers for a ride through the seaside and hill parts of Vinodol, fishermen can go for fishing on the freshwater lake in Tribalj and hunters in the wood part for a hunt on the wild animals. Today there is no problem to meet Vinodol from the air, too, because on the clifs above Tribalj there's one of the well-known airfield for the paragliding.

An accomodation in Vinodol you can find in rooms and apartments of the comfortable family houses, originally arranged rural houses or hiking-hotels. Beside authentic Vinodol's meals, hunting specialities and meals from the plants that grows on its own, you can try the famous homemade drop - the wine that's made in Vinodol.

Everyone will find something for himself in a rich cultural offer. Form the Vinodol's arhitectic and sacral monuments and Frankopan's castles, (form which the most special is castle Drivenik), over the manifestations like the Vinodol's summer games, The Rose of the Vinodol or the carnival partys in the winter period.

The historical and cultural monuments


Bribir The town tower with a part of a wall - The remains of the preivous middle-aged castle from 12th century.

The church of Petar and Pavao - it was built up in 1524 on the place of an old church which was there from the time of "Vinodolski zakonik" (Vinodol's law code) from 1288; probbably even earlier.


Grižane Gradina - The remains of the walls of an old castle Grižane remind us on the famous history. The castle had a figure of an incorrect square with the round towers on the edges. It was the center of feudal administration under Frankopan's properties in Vinodol. The castle was demaged in 1323 when Vinodol was hit by the earthquake.

Badanj - The remains of an middle-aged tower that was built-up on the remains of the roman's fort from 4th century in the time of the anchorage of the Liburnia's limit.

The church of the Marija from the snow - middle-aged church from 16th century that was built-up on the base of some older church.

The church of the saint Martin - the local church of St. Martin with middle-age origin, what proves a part of the left church's inventory and glagoljica's labels about the church reconstructions in 16th and 17th century.


The church of the pilgrimage of the saint virgin Marry to Elizabeth - the local church that was mentioned in historical papers from 1323, 1412 and 1449.

Strance - the old-croation barrow with the founds from 8th until 11th century.


Drivenik The castle - Many years ago you could enter the Drivenik's castle with a mobile bridge over a trench filled with water. It's also mentioned in the Vinodolski zakonik ("Vinodol's law code") from 1288.

The church of the saint Dujam - dedicated to an old-christian marty from 3th century, the bishop of the antic Salona.

The church of the saint Stjepan - The gothic chapel from 15th century with a tower with three bells. Built-up on the place of an older romanic church from 13th century.

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